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Snake Ring Meaning: The Ultimate Guide

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The Snake is a symbol of longevity and spirituality. In many cultures, the snake is a symbol of wisdom. It can also be associated with wealth, prosperity and spirituality. There are just so many snake ring meanings, all different depending on culture and history. So what does a snake ring truly mean in today’s world?

Greek Mythology

One of the earliest representations of snake rings dates back to greek mythology. Back then snake rings were worn to honour the healing god, Asclepius. Asclepius was killed by Zeus who struck him down with lightning, fearing that Asclepius would turn all humankind into immortals with his healing powers. The snake was worn to symbolize the healing powers of Asclepius.

Ancient Times

During ancient times, early drawings of the snake ring showed that it was inspired by the milky way, as the ring would spiral around. It was thought that a serpent lived amongst the heavens, as a being of light. 

Other versions of the snake ring, such as an Ouroboros, which is an ancient symbol showing a snake eating its own tail represented the everlasting significance of time. The Ouroboros was also a symbol used on  King Tutankhamen’s tomb in the 14th century  BC. Here it was believed that there would be an eternal return of the king and that death circled back to life.

The circle, which is most effectively portrayed by snake jewellery has long been a significant symbol of ancient civilizations, signifying wholeness and perfection. The Sun, Moon, and Universe are also represented by snake rings, which have no beginning or end.

19th Century

During the 19th Century, the snake ring had a more aesthetic meaning. The snake or serpent ring was particularly popular in the 19th century among women who found the fashion alluring. The snake rings can be worn with a bangle, broach, or hatpin that has a serpent design. Along with diamonds, snake rings also featured rubies, sapphires, and a variety of other gems.

Victorian Era

Roman and Greek artefacts collected over the course of history had a big impact on the Victorians. They were amazed by the subtle differences and imitated several of them. When Queen Victoria herself decided on the design of a gold serpentine snake, which was said to bring luck, the ring’s appeal reached a high point. In 1840, Prince Albert also made a snake ring for Queen Victoria. Two snakes were wrapped around the fingers to represent everlasting love.

Normally, a future husband would not buy a diamond snake ring as a wedding or engagement ring unless he was certain that his future wife would like it. Not everyone prefers diamond snake rings, and if the woman was expecting a more traditional design, a surprise proposal would go horribly wrong.

Snake Rings In Religion

May religions also feature the symbol of the snake ring. In Christianity, the snake ring was linked to satan, along with symbols of dragons. In Revelation 20:2 KJV states: And he laid hold on the dragon, that old serpent, which is the Devil, and Satan, and bound him a thousand years. 

In Hinduism, the meaning of a snake ring is more complex. Hindus both worship and fear the snake. In Hindu ritual and spiritual tradition, a snake is not an evil being but rather a divinity that stands for both eternity and material existence, life and death, and time and timelessness. It stands for creation, preservation, and destruction, the three stages of the creative process. For this reason, the snake is one of the most respected creatures. 

True Snake Ring Meaning

Today, snake ring meanings all depend on the wearer and their beliefs. Some people might wear a snake ring to bring good luck and success. Others may wear a snake ring to bring love or as a reminder of a past lover. But no matter what the wearer’s reason is, they will surely find meaning in a snake ring.

Sphinx Ring

Sphinx rings are the most popular type of snake ring. These rings are usually made of gold and come with a snake head. These rings are usually worn by men and have been worn by men as a symbol of power and success for centuries. It is believed that wearing a sphinx ring will increase one’s charisma and influence.

Viper Ring

Viper rings are usually made of silver and have a viper head. These rings are usually worn by women and have been worn by women as a symbol of passion, love and power. 

Ouroboros Ring

A ring where the snake is eating their own tail represents the dangers of life and being your own worst enemy. When worn it is a symbol of inner strength and humility. 

FAQs on Snake Rings Meaning

What does a snake ring symbolize?

The snake ring is said to symbolize longevity. It is believed that a snake ring worn on the right ring finger signifies a happy life and the ability to adapt to changes. The snake ring is said to have the ability to attract a good life partner. It is also said to be a good luck charm.

Is it good to wear a snake ring?

Yes. The snake ring is a symbol of luck, wealth, good fortune, and protection. It also represents power and strength when worn. Other benefits of a snake ring include better health, fighting infections, and clearing your body of any toxins and bad energy. 

Is it lucky to wear a snake ring?

Yes. For many centuries people from all cultures have believed that the snake ring is a symbol of luck. The Chinese wore a ring of a python, the snake was considered to have the power to protect its owner from danger. While a viper ring is considered to bring luck in areas of love and finding a partner. 

What hand do you wear a snake ring on?

The snakehead should be facing up and it should be placed in the ring finger of the left hand. The left hand is the closest to vital organs, such as the heart.

Are snake rings feminine?

Yes. Today snake rings come in all styles and shapes. Most traditional snake rings were heavy and aggressive in style, but today snake rings come in many delicate shapes to suit the feminine style. You can also get snake rings with pearls and in rose gold for a complete feminine look.

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