What Jewellery To Wear With A Black Lace Dress

What jewellery to wear with a black lace dress

If you’re sitting there thinking, “What jewellery to wear with a black lace dress” – Don’t worry, you’re not the only one facing this fashion crisis. Thousands, maybe even millions of women around the world with a black lace dress are probably thinking the same thing.

The colour black is one of the few colours that can go with almost any colour out there, yet we still find it difficult to style a beautiful, elegant black lace dress! 

Black lace dress jewellery Ideas

No matter the look you’re going for, we have 5 perfect jewellery ideas to style up a black lace dress. Please note this post may include some affiliate links!

  1. Chic Royale

We heard of 007 in Casino Royale, but have you heard of rocking the chic royale look? Royale is the french word for royal and chic is just being super stylish, and that’s what this look is all about! Modern-day royalty is all about big chunky gold bracelets and some statement piece earrings. With this look, you’ll be the Queen Bee at any party or club!

Fossil Rose Gold Bracelet – £48

MIXIA Gold Sun Moon Earrings – £30

Rosemarie Collections Set of 7 Bracelets – £40

Remember girls, you can never go wrong with a black lace dress and some gold accessories for any occasion! 

  1. Diamonds are forever

Not another Bond reference! But diamonds do look good with a black lace dress, especially a black lace cocktail dress. Just think diamonds, zirconia, crystals and rhinestones – That’s everything super lux style!

Beautiful, sophisticated, shiny diamonds are the perfect touch to upvalue any cheap, old black lace dress. Just a pair of big sparkling diamond earrings or a heavy diamond necklace would do the trick! 

Humble Chic NY Diamond Earrings – £30

EVER FAITH® Crystal Art Deco Jewellery Set – £26

EVER FAITH 8-Shape Dangle Earrings – £16

Style Tip: Going to a cocktail party and not sure what jewellery to wear with a black lace cocktail dress? You can never go wrong with a pair of glitzy, chandelier drop earrings! 

  1. Casual Minimalism

Not every day is a party. Some days you just have to go to work, or for a casual stroll down to the shops. For days like this, we introduce the causal minimalism look for black lace dresses! For the casual look, you might go for a simple, silver pendant necklace or just a pair of stud earrings. Maybe even a bracelet or two to finish the look – Nothing too flashy for this black lace dress!

MANBU 925 Sterling Silver Necklace – £25

Pandora Sterling Silver Studs – £35

Trink Angel Wing Charm Bracelet – £20

  1. Classic Royale

You heard of chic royale for the modern-day princess look. Now it’s time for the classic royale look. A timeless look for a timeless beauty. Classic royale is all about using baroque styled jewellery, which is jewellery inspired by the baroque period between 1600 to 1775. A nice pair of antique pearl earrings and a classic pearl necklace will work wonders with a lace dress.

TreasureBay Baroque Pearl necklace – £40

ArtiDeco Vintage 1920s Earrings – £13

TreasureBay Baroque Pearl Jewellery Set – £40

Style Tip: By coupling baroque jewellery with a black lace dress you’ll look like a real Queen ready to conquer the world! 

  1. Rainbow Pop

For some people, the trusty black lace dress is just too dull. They need something to give them that extra pop in a crowd of people. And for that, we have the rainbow pop look to spice up a black lace dress. Simply pair your dress with a pair of boldly coloured earrings or bracelets. You can even choose a big statement piece necklace that just screams, “Look at me! And don’t cross me!”.

You might want to try wearing a pair of brightly coloured butterfly wing earrings to add a splash of colour to your black dress.

Hot Pink Thread Ball Earrings – £42

TreasureBay Gemstone Chunky Necklace – £33

ZENZII Uptown Swirl Earrings – £21

Style Tip: A plain black lace dress with no shazam looks great with boldly coloured or patterned jewellery.

There you have it, 5 hot jewellery styles to jazz up a black lace dress. What are your thoughts on jewellery for a black lace dress? Is it better to keep it simple or go all out? Let us in the comments!

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