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8 Jewellery Trends Spring 2020

jewellery trends spring 2020

The Spring 2020 fashion shows have now wrapped up and now is the time to start preparing your wardrobe for Spring.  If we could use one word to sum up the Spring Jewelry trends 2020, it would be…bold! Bold in the sense of colour and size. The recent runway shows revealed some daring jewellery trends from mismatched coloured jewels to extra large hoop earrings. Jewellery trends Spring 2020 – Here we come! You might also want to read our post on Autumn jewellery trends for 2020.

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8 Jewellery Trends for Spring 2020:

  1. Mismatched Coloured Jewellery

We spend so much time pairing up colours and trying to figure out which colours go together. Well…Spring 2020 is all about trashing those rules and wearing mismatched coloured jewellery. Who cares if green, orange and blue don’t go together? The runways of New York don’t!

  1. XXL Hoop Earrings

Big hoop earrings have been hot for a while, but in Spring 2020 expect hoop earrings to go even bigger! In fact, just think XL or even XXL size. These super-sized hoop earrings can go with just about anything from a sleek suit to an evening gown. Our advice: The bigger the hoop, the better you’ll look this Spring!

  1. Nature-inspired Jewellery

Nature-inspired jewellery has had a rocky start in the jewellery world – No pun intended! But as the recent catwalk shows have proven, nature jewellery can be just as beautiful and precious as diamonds and gold. More and more jewellery designers are using natural materials like shells and wood to create magnificent pieces, such as earrings, necklaces and bracelets.  

  1. The Single Earring look

One of the most outrageous looks we seen at the recent fashion shows was the single earring looks. Who would have thought that a pair of earrings would go solo – maybe people will start wearing one sock to match the look. The key to rocking the single earring look is by choosing a statement piece earring to make up for the missing earring. These butterfly earrings might look great with just one pair on your ear.

  1. Oversized chains

Just like with the hoop earring trend, chain necklaces are set to go extra big in Spring. If you’re looking to be on-trend, then its time to invest in some big, chunky and heavy chain-link necklaces. And if the recent fashion shows have taught us anything, it is that chain-link necklaces can go with almost any neck-style, from crew-necks to high-necks

  1. Pearl Jewellery

The catwalks were dripping in Pearls from head to toe. Pearls are so in next Spring! You could try on a pearl hairpiece or some pearl drop earrings with a pearl pendant necklace to get that romantic girl next door look. The thing with pearl jewellery is that minimalism is key. Don’t try to jam too many pearls on your body, unless you’re going for the tacky look. 

  1. Shoe Jewellery

We’re really excited about this one! Don’t you just hate boring, bland shoes? Well, now you can jazz up your shoes with some awesome shoe jewellery. Shoe jewellery is basically like anklets, but instead of the jewellery being around your ankles, it is linked to your shoes. In fact, if you already have some anklets at home, you can DIY this look by looping the chain around the laces or straps of your shoes.

  1. Statement Chokers

Chokers have been a hot look for some time now, but in the spring they are getting even more glammed up. Expect to see huge golden chokers which cover your entire neck. And you could even layer up smaller choker necklaces to get the XL, statement look seen on the catwalks. 

The Jewellery trends in Spring are looking big and wild, so it’s time to go big with your jewellery collection! Which Spring Jewellery trend are you most excited about? Let us know in the comments. 

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