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What Jewellery To Wear With A High Neck Dress?

What jewellery to wear with high neck dress

There’s nothing like a high-neck dress on a night out. The only problem is how do you style it? Picking jewellery for a high neck dress is one of the most difficult choices to make in the fashion world. Too much and your style could end-up looking tacky. Too little and you lose that hot, glamorous look you were going for. Ah, decisions, decisions, decisions…What jewellery to wear with a high neck dress?

Don’t worry your pretty little head about it! Here’s 5 high neck jewellery looks you have to try (Please note this post may include some affiliate links!):

1. Necklaces with a High Neck! Hell No!

There seems to be a common misconception that necklaces should never be worn with a high neck dress or top. But that’s not right at all! Who says you can’t wear a necklace with a high neck anyway, just take a look at these super stylish looks:

A simple pendant necklace can give your high neck dress or top a more professional, yet stylish look for those office days. While choosing a big, bold pendant piece will give you that extra sophistication for those posh dinner parties or even a romantic meal out with that special someone.

Style Tip: If in doubt, just wear a long pendant style necklace with your high neck outfit – You can’t go wrong there! We recommend a long piece which ranges from 24 to 36 inches – so Preferably below your bust and above your belly button.

2. High Neck Wedding Dress Jewelry, please!

We hear those wedding bells ringing and you chose to make your mother proud with a high neck wedding dress. Deary me, what jewellery could possibly look good with a high-neck wedding dress! Not to worry, just check out these magical wedding looks:

3. Dazzle that neck with a pair of earrings!

Just because you’re wearing a high neck there’s no need to be boring. Live a little, and try on a pair of nice earrings to style up that high neck dress. Statement piece earrings work the best – Try some cute butterfly dangle earrings.

Style Tip: A pair of big, tassel earrings could really add that extra flair to a plain-old, high neck dress which you may have worn more than once!

4. You can never go wrong with a bracelet or two!

Your neck may be pretty occupied, but your arms might be bare naked! Balance the style out on your body with a nice bracelet or two! Get the warrior princess look with a high arm cuff or the sweet girl next door with a nice simple bracelet:

5. Have you tried wearing jewellery in your hair?

Whether you’re going for that sophisticated princess style or a very trendy boho-chic look, jewellery in your hair is a must-try!

To glam up the whole high neck dress look, all you need is a pair of bold, dangly earrings, a solid cuff bracelet and a long, yet simple pendant necklace:

The perfect jewellery combo with a high neck dress!

Do you agree that jewellery should be worn with a high neck dress? Or are you totally against the idea? We love to hear your thoughts in the comments!

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