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Indian Jewellery Trends 2020: Types & Designs of Jewellery

indian jewellery trends

There’s no culture as lustrous as the Indian culture. Over the past decades, Indian jewellery trends have stayed the most stable out of all cultures around the world. Reason being, Indians love tradition – Simple! Saying that we have noticed a modern twist on old classics when it comes to Indian jewellery.  Let’s say no more and get on with the show!

10 Indian Jewellery Trends

In this post, we will cover 10 Indian jewellery trends that will conquer in 2020 and beyond. 

  1. Traditional Jewellery

Traditional jewellery offers a timeless wedding look and is a long-time favourite amongst Indian brides. In Indian culture traditional jewellery is normally made from Gold, but as Indian culture continues to change it’s not rare to see the addition of diamonds, silver and Kundan in the mix. No matter the year, we believe that traditional Indian jewellery will never go out of style, especially for all those brides-to-be.

  1. Diamonds

Diamonds have been a recent growing trend in Indian culture. Especially as diamonds give that rich, extravagant look that every woman wants. In Indian culture, diamonds can be worn at a range of occasions, including weddings, birthdays and even casual family dinners.  If you’re wearing diamonds casually, it is best to choose a delicate, dainty design rather than an extravagant one. Most brides choose to opt for the traditional look rather than diamonds for their big day in Indian culture. 

  1. Antique Temple Jewellery

Antique temple jewellery is jewellery made by the Goddesses (or at least features them)! Temple jewellery is gold, chunky and has delicate patterns or engravings on them. Some temple jewellery may even include minor red or green stones for extra style. The delicate engravings on the jewellery are normally of Indian Goddesses, which itself adds to the regal look. 

  1. Heavy Necklaces

Indian culture is known for going big with its jewellery. A simple pendant necklace won’t do – Even multi-layered necklaces are considered to be quite casual in India. So if you’re looking for a stylish wedding look or just getting ready for a very special occasion, then Indian culture is all about thick, heavy necklaces. In fact, double-stranded or triple-stranded pearl necklaces have been a real big thing in recent years and continue to grow in popularity in India. 

  1. Jeweled Chokers

When most people think of chokers, they think of the regal goth look. However, in recent decades, jewellery designers from Asia have upgraded the traditional gothic choker to a more regal version. A jewelled choker is now the modern look for many Indian brides and has been fashioned at catwalk shows all over the world. Jewelled chokers look absolutely gorgeous on a low cut saree. And some brides may even opt to layer their jewelled choker with some long gold pendant necklaces for a more glammed-up look.

  1. Statement Earrings

Similar to the Brazillian culture, statement earrings are a big part of Indian culture. In India, girls as young as 3 would get their ears pierced and are encouraged to wear earrings from a young age. It doesn’t matter if you’re sitting at home or going to a wedding, a pair of statement earrings is a must. In Indian culture, statement earrings are more on the golden side with a mix of floral and traditional styles. While hoop style earrings are extremely popular in India, ear cuffs have also grown in popularity over the recent years. 

  1. Anklets

Anklets have stayed strong in the Indian culture for many years, and there is no sign of them disappearing any time soon. India is one of the very few countries that still sport the anklet-look casually and for special occasions. On a casual day, the typical Indian woman might wear a delicate, simple anklet piece. While at weddings or more prestigious occasions, a more heavy-styled anklet with jewels and dangly details is required. Just like with other pieces of Indian jewellery, Gold is the choice of colour to go for. 

  1. Waist Chains

Waist chains or a kamarband are perfect for jazzing up your saree or lehenga. Some Indian women even wear waist chains with western clothes, such as skirts and simple dresses. Not only do waist chains look fashionably good, but they also make your waistline look thinner which is a win-win situation all round! The belly chain trend was hot in 2019 and we expect it to go even hotter in 2020.

  1. Bangles

Every Indian woman owns a set or even a couple of sets of bangles. In Indian culture, it is common to match the colour of your bangles with the saree or dress you’re wearing. There was a short period of time years ago, where it looked like traditional bangles were going out of fashion, with Western brands like Cartier bringing their western influence to India. After nearly being replaced by contemporary bracelets, bangles are still the number one choice for many Indian women. 

  1. Two-finger Rings

Indian’s love their rings! It’s not rare to see an Indian woman wearing multiple rings on their fingers or even layering their rings up.  This has given rise to the two-finger rings which are similar to knuckle rings but for two fingers only. Just like with other Indian jewellery, it is best to select gold-coloured two-finger rings with diamonds or gems on them to sparkle up your hands and match other jewellery pieces. 

To sum up Indian jewellery trends, it’s all about big, gold and heavy jewellery. Emphasis on the gold – There is a lot of it in the Indian culture. Gold is not just about style, it’s also a valuable investment in Indian culture and an essential part of Indian history. We also noticed a lot of other jewellery trends in India which are still at large, including floral designs, hair jewellery and solid gold nose rings. With western influence and a stronghold on old traditions, jewellery trends in India are vast and growing all the time.

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