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How to Wear a Watch and Bracelet Together

wearing a watch and bracelet

Bracelets and watches – Do they go together? Some say they don’t. While others love the look of a watch and bracelet together. In our opinion, we believe that some watches need bracelets by their side to give them that extra style. But beware not all bracelets look good with watches and not all watches look good with all bracelets. So how do you wear a watch and bracelet together within overdoing it?

  • Sliver stylish watch with silver chain bracelets
  • Sports Watch with sporty bracelets
  • Luxury watch with coloured beaded bracelets
  • Luxury gold watch with some pearl bracelets
  • Sliver watch with sliver chain bracelets
  • Classic watch with a simple silver bracelet
  • Watch with bracelet on the other wrist

5 Tips for Wearing a Watch and Bracelet Together

Here are 5 style tips for ladies who love wearing watches and bracelets together:

  1. Don’t wear too many bracelets:

The trick here is to balance the size of your watch with the number of bracelets. If you watch is big and bulky, you might want to wear enough bracelets to match your watch’s size. For example, one big watch might equal to wearing three or four small bracelets. Alternatively, if your watch looks quite petite on your wrist, then one or two small bracelets will do. 

  1. Wear your bracelets closest to your hands

Depending on the style of your bracelets, you can wear them behind the watch (furthest side to your hand). However, this might make your watch and bracelets look a little disjointed and even odd. To really bring your watch and bracelets together, we recommend wearing your bracelets closest to your hands. This way your bracelets won’t be overshadowed by your watch style.  

  1. Pick the right bracelet style

Think about the different bracelets sizes and styles that you can wear with your watch. If you have a golden luxury watch, will a nice pearl bracelet go well with it? Maybe a double wrap style bracelet will bring together your rock chick look? You could even think about wearing a single cuff bracelet with your timepiece to get a smart, office look.

  1. Colour choice is everything

The best way to wear your watch and bracelet together is by picking a colour choice that matches between the two. Let’s say you have a silver watch, then you might go with some silver-coloured bracelets. Alternatively, if you’re going for the bold look, you might want to combine your luxury gold watch with some bold colours like yellows, oranges and even blues. Your colour all depends on the style you’re going for. A simple, professional look calls for a matching colour. While a daring, bold look is all about experimenting with all sorts of colours for your bracelets. 

  1. Sometimes simple is best

Wearing a bracelet and watch together can be tricky. If you’re running out of time or don’t have many bracelet options in your jewellery box, then we suggest keeping it simple. Wear on your watch, and then just add in a simple silver or gold bracelet – one will do! And in the worst-case scenario, you could always result in wearing the bracelet/s on your other arm. After all, there’s no official style rules or guidelines on how to wear your watch and bracelet together – So don’t worry too much about it!

What are your opinions on wearing a watch with a bracelet or two? Do you think it’s a crime against fashion or a daring style choice? Let us know in the comments!

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