Lucky Elephant Necklaces UK: 11 Elephant Necklaces to Buy

Lucky Elephant Necklace UK

Animal jewellery is always cute – But what’s the hype about elephant jewellery or in particular elephant necklaces? For centuries elephants have been known in many cultures for bringing good luck (hence the recent rise in popularity of the lucky elephant necklaces in the UK). But it’s not just luck that makes the elephant a very popular animal. You might also be interested in our post on the best diamond snake rings to buy.

As you may have seen in nature documentaries or while travelling, elephants are social creatures. They love to interact with people as well as other animals. This social nature can also be linked with the relationship of a mother and a baby. Making elephant jewellery a great gift for new mothers. In this post, we’ll show you the best elephant necklaces to buy in the UK. Best in quality and price! For more savings, check out our exclusive Amazon Fashion voucher codes and deals.

If buying an elephant necklace online, you might be interested in reading our necklace length guide to help you find the perfect necklace length for you.

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What Does An Elephant Necklace symbolise?  

An elephant necklace can symbolise so many things depending on who you give it to and how its design. For example, a mother and baby elephant necklace would symbolise unity and the nurturing nature of the mother. This makes it a good gift for a new-born baby. While a trendy origami elephant necklace could represent good luck or loyalty if giving it to a best friend. Since elephants have so many positive traits, they can actually make wonderful gifts for anyone of any age, male or female. 

Origami Elephant Necklaces in the UK

Origami elephant necklaces (also known as geometric elephant necklaces) are a great symbol of strength. The robust outlines and sharp straight lines show the strong-side of elephants. If you know someone who is going through a tough time or has the weight of the world on their shoulders, an origami elephant necklace would make the perfect gift:

La Menagerie Gold Origami Elephant Necklace – £24

Lily Charmed Origami Elephant Necklace – £36

Mother & Baby Elephant Necklaces

Two elephant necklaces (or mother and baby necklaces) represent the bond between mother and child. It can be given to the mother of a new-born baby, where she can keep it close to her heart, just like her baby. Alternatively, you could get a mother and child set. So when the baby gets older, they can have the baby elephant necklace, while you keep the mother elephant necklace. This symbolizes your ever-lasting relationship, as you go through life, you will still be important to each other.

AILUOR Mom & Baby Elephant Necklace – £20

ACJNA Sterling Silver Mother Daughter Necklace – £66

BNQL Mama Elephant Necklace – £17

Elephant Glow Necklaces

Elephant glow necklaces seem like a strange thing to wear but are actually very common (especially in African or Indian cultures). The glow represents light in dark, as you may have already guessed. This makes glowing elephant necklaces great for anyone who feels fearful or even scared of the dark. The glow will remind them that they are not alone and that there is light in dark times!

UChic Glow in Dark Elephant Necklace – £7

Seashore Elephant Necklaces

Got a friend who loves the environment and animals? The Seashore elephant necklace symbolises the environment and sustainability. Made with natural materials, it really gives that earthy fresh touch to any outfit you’re wearing. Seashore elephant necklaces are also very on-trend this Spring season

Byzantium Collection Abalone Necklace – £9

Handmade Wooden Elephant Necklace – £17

Kiara Jewellery Abalone Elephant Necklace – £18

Elephant Necklace with Birthstones

Buying an elephant necklace with birthstones is almost the perfect gift for anyone. It’s personalised, it signifies intelligence and it even brings good luck. The best thing about these birthstone necklaces is that they let you even engrave your own message or name. Now you really can put some thought and effort into buying jewellery or a gift for a loved one!

Engraved Silver Elephant Necklace – £35

Engraved Birthstone Elephant Necklace – £13

Good Luck Elephant Necklace

Everyone wants good luck. And elephants are the very symbol of good luck in many cultures. If you know someone taking an exam or going for their driving test, lucky elephant necklaces would make the perfect gift for them!

Layered Elephant Necklace

Elephants are majestic creatures. They are one of the biggest mammals on the planet, so wearing a simple elephant necklace might not feel enough. Instead, you might want to take a look at these layered elephant necklaces to buy. They’re so trendy that you could wear them on a night out!

Silver Layered Elephant Necklace – £9

Spiritual Elephant Necklace – £7

Elephant Balloon Necklace

Probably the most famous elephant of them all is Dumbo. Dumbo has a fun and whimsical nature about him and so an elephant balloon necklace is a perfect symbolisation of him. It’s funny to think about an elephant holding a balloon, not to mention highly impossible. Therefore giving an elephant balloon necklace to someone shows their fun side and that anything is possible if you really believe. 

14k Gold Elephant Necklaces

In Indian cultures, elephants are often covered in jewels to show their power and richness in the animal kingdom. Buying a 14k gold elephant necklace will show your wealth and power when giving it to a special someone. And of course, if you’re wearing one it will show that you’re a wealthy, strong person (generally motivated by money). But don’t expect 14k gold to come cheap!

Elephant With Heart Necklace

The perfect Valentine’s Day gift is an elephant with a heart necklace. It’s not only really cute but represents strong, everlasting love for your partner. 

Elephant and Heart Necklace – £26

Two Elephants in a Heart – £65

Diamond & Rose Gold Elephant Necklace

We all love pretty little things and even elephants can be a little showy off sometimes! For that moment when you want to feel special and good about yourself, we recommend a diamond and rose gold elephant necklace. This is a delicate and beautiful piece of jewellery that goes nicely with a white or light-coloured dress. 

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