20 Diamond Snake Rings to Buy under £50

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With sayings like, “snake in the grass” and “no matter how much a snake sheds its skin. It’s still a snake” – No wonder most people (especially in Western countries) see snakes as evil creatures. But the truth of the matter is that for centuries snakes have also had many positive connotations, dating back to the Egyptian and Roman era. Snakes have been linked to transformation, change, fertility and even medicine and health. And snake rings, in particular, are a symbol of power, health, and protection.

When snake rings are given to a loved one you are telling them that you will always be there to protect them from evil and harm. This is the opposite of what most people think when it comes to snakes in the wild. For this reason, snake rings are great gifts for loved ones and even a nice purchase for yourself! Plus, snake rings go really well with the whole punk-rock theme for this year’s Autumn jewellery trends. If you’re looking to buy a snake ring, look no further – here are 20 simulated diamond snake rings you can buy for under £50 in the UK.  (NOTE: This post has some affiliate links)

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20 Must-buy Diamond Snake Rings:

Here is our list of top cubic zirconia or simulated diamond snake rings to buy in the UK. And they’re all under £50! Check out our Amazon Fashion discount codes for more savings on your purchases.

1. Uloveido Round Cut Cubic Zirconia Snake Tail ring: £12

Gold snake tail ring with round-cut cubic zirconia crystals. This is the perfect ring for a night out on the town and goes great with a black lace dress.

2. HYLJZ Classic Zirconia Rose Gold Snake Ring: £15

Rose gold snake ring made from zinc alloy with blue zirconia snake eyes and classic white zircona gems on the head. Its low price makes it the perfect gift for a loved one or a nice fashion piece for a party.

3. OCESRIO 14K Gold Plated Snake Ring: £18

Simple snake tail ring made from 14k gold. A highly sturdy ring that represents strength and longevity. Comfortable to wear with a nice shine, making it the perfect birthday gift for a friend or family member.

4. FC JORY Rose Gold Crystal Snake Ring: £20

A beautiful rose gold snake ring with a big diamond-like crystal in its mouth. Its stunning design makes it the perfect engagement ring or Valentine’s day Jewellery gift.

5. HQLCX Fashion Rose Gold Diamond Snake Ring: £16

Fashion gold diamond snake ring with tongue sticking out and tiny red gem eyes. This snake ring is the perfect party accessory that looks great with any dress or outfit.

6. HQLCX Fashion Grey Crystal Snake Ring: £16

Vintage-style, punk rock snake ring covered in dark grey crystals or simulated diamonds. The perfect snake ring for a girl of any age from teen to grown-up. You can wear it casually with any outfit or with a stunning party dress.

7. Gemondo Sterling Silver Snake Ring: £60

A simple and sturdy 925 sterling silver snake ring. Made using genuine marcasite gemstones. This simple, yet stunning snake ring, is a great uni-sex ring for both men and women.

8. GHYX Platinum Plated  Retro Snake Ring: £18

Vintage 1960s style platinum-plated open snake ring with a green face. Lovely anniversary present for your partner or birthday gift. Great for wearing casually on a daily basis, such as at the office or for going out with friends.

9. DJDLNK Black Cubic Zirconia Snake Ring: £19

Big, chunky black cubic zirconia snake ring, with a green gem. The perfect accessory to get the dark ‘goth’ look. And it’s even great for evening parties or a night out in the town. For more gothic-style jewellery, take a look at our post on Day of the Dead Jewellery Collection.

10. ShAwng Double Snake Gold Diamond Snake Ring: £22

Simple gold two-headed diamond snake ring. A delicate ring perfect as an engagement ring for your loved one. While it looks gold, the ring itself is actually made from standard silver, making it affordable and gorgeous.

11. Sterling Silver Simulated Diamond Snake Band: £23

Sterling silver diamond snake ring made from 925 parts per 1000 Sterling Silver Diamond. The snake has been crafted to bite its own tail, as the perfect symbol of self-sacrifice.

12. Chuvora 925 Sterling Silver Snake Ring: £30

Simple, sophisticated and stunning. This gorgeous 925 sterling silver snake ring is the perfect anniversary or engagement gift. It beautifully curls around your finger like a real miniature snake!

13. Bling Jewelry Spiral Wrap Snake Ring (Simulated): £24

Long spiral wrap diamond snake ring with red eyes. This stunning ring is the perfect fashion accessory for any dinner party or club-night out.

14. Zodiac Snake Titanium Steel Ring (Personalized): £26

Titanium steel gold snake ring with diamond head. It’sturdy and solid snake shape makes it the perfect party-wear accessory. It’s also the perfect birthday gift for anyone whos zodiac animal is the snake.

15. Qiuaii Double Snake Red Diamond Ring: £27

Stunning double snake diamond ring with a red diamond gem in the middle. Made from titanium steel, this strong ring is the perfect engagement or Valentine’s day gift for your girlfriend.

16. 925 Silver Adjustable Snake Ring: £27

Simple sterling silver snake ring, perfect for everyday wear for powerful women. The ring itself has white crystals all over the snake body and two green crystals for the eyes.

17. Black Diamond Snake Ring: £29

Another perfect accessory to create the goth look. This black diamond snake ring is made from anti-scratching plating platinum making it great for daily wear.

18. Oofay Gold Open Snake Ring: £20

Gorgeous two-finger snake ring made from infinite gold zircon and stainless steel. Not only is this rarest snake ring you’ll find online, but its also made from environmental-friendly materials. This ring is the perfect symbol of fortune, eternal life and power.

19. Onefeart Gold Plated Snake Ring: £23

Quality gold plated snake ring with black (or opal) and white cubic zircon gems on the body. Its simple design makes it a great birthday or graduation gift for a friend or family member.

20. PRAK 925  Silver Adjustable Snake Ring: £45

This gold snake ring with a mix of white, pink and purple diamonds is perfect for all occasions. Whether you’re going to a party or wearing it as an engagement ring, this snake ring has so many meanings that it’s definitely a must-buy.

Now snakes can be your new favourite animal, with this collection of beautiful and stunning diamond snake rings! Let us know which one is your favourite in the comments below.

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