10 Must-Have Day of the Dead Jewellery Pieces

day of the dead jewellery uk

Roses, skulls, beads, charms, spiders and black lace – The Day of the Dead Jewellery collection is the ultimate blend of darkness combined with romance. Take a gothic skull and mix with some red roses for a romantic bracelet or necklace. Now that’s a combination that’s perfect for Halloween, the Day of the Dead festival and maybe even Valentine’s Day!

It is believed that wearing skull jewellery is a great way to protect yourself from evil and also brings the wearer good luck. If you’re in need of serious good luck right now and want to look trendy at the same time, then keep reading this post!

Here at Pretty Royale with love Day of the Dead inspired jewellery because it’s beautiful, colourful, and unique! Not to mention very versatile, making it perfect for a range of occasions and even daily wear, if worn with the right outfit. (NOTE: This post contains some affiliate links)

Here are our top 10 Day of the Dead Jewellery pieces that you can buy right here in the UK!

Ollipop Day of the Dead Skull Earrings – £30

These stunning pink skull earrings are a perfect addition to any jewellery collection. Wear them to a Halloween party, the Day of the Dead festival or even for a night out with your friends. The Swarovski crystal teardrops at the bottom and floral leaves give the earrings a nice romantic feel. Adding in the pink skulls and you got the perfect set of gothic Earrings for a girly-girl!

Sterling Silver Skull Stud Earrings – £13

These 925 sterling silver skull earrings are simply stunning. They are discreet enough to be worn on any occasion, including everyday wear. While the sparkly gemstones give them an extra touch of luxury, making them also great for parties and special dinners.

Forever Queen Pandora Bracelet Skull Charm – £22

This Day of the Dead inspired charm bead for Pandora bracelets is an absolute must-have! This unique skull charm symbolises death and is a great way to honour those that have passed on. For anyone celebrating the Day of the Dead festival, this charm would be a wonderful gift to them.

Sterling Silver Day of Dead Skull Earrings – £28

Looking for some sturdy Day of the Dead earrings? These skull earrings are a strong pair of earrings that can be worn daily or on special occasions. Their unique floral pattern gives them that extra touch of luxury, making them another great buy for your jewellery collection.

BagTu Black Lace Necklace & Earrings Set – £13

From weddings to Halloween parties, this black lace necklace and earring set is an absolute bargain. Made from high-quality lace, this set is perfect to wear with a long evening gown or to dress-up a boring high-neck dress. The necklace itself can be worn low on the neck or high like a fancy choker necklace (which is a big Autumn trend by the way!).

BESTOYARD Bohemia Floral Headband – £10

This beautiful floral headband is a must-have for the complete Day of the Dead look. No sugar-skull face makeup will be complete without this headband. And not only that, fancy headbands are another huge autumn trend, making this a must-have for any fashionista out there!

Jucicle Chunky Sugar Skull Pendant Necklace – £13

If you’re looking for a simple piece of jewellery for the Day of the Dead festival, then this sugar skull pendant necklace is perfect for you! Made from silver-plated metal, this turquoise necklace includes many chunky beads, a floral sugar skull and a tassel hanging off. The turquoise colour of this necklaces will go well with light, pastel coloured clothing, such as a white dress.

925 Sterling Silver Floral Skull Charm – £16

This 925 sterling silver floral skull charm is compatible with any Pandora bracelet or necklace chain. It uses the traditional Day of the Dead colours, including yellow, orange, red and pink, making it the perfect gift for anyone who celebrates the Day of the Dead festival. It is also a great way to honour the dead by attaching it to a chain and hanging it somewhere special.

Ever Fairy Day of the Dead Veil Headband – £10

This is an ultimate must-have for a Halloween party or for the Day of the Dead Festival. Whether you’re dressing up as a queen or gothic bride, this beautiful black veil with red and black roses will really make you the star of the party. If there’s an award for best dressed you’ll get it with this gothic-style veil.

Sweet Romance Day of The Dead Skull Necklace – £30

This delicate vintage-style skull necklace with colourful metal flowers is the perfect gift for those with birthdays in Halloween or who just love gothic stuff. The unique colours and floral details make this necklace great for special occasions, like Halloween parties, dinner parties and more.

Which Day of the Dead jewellery piece is your favourite? Let us know in the comments.

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