Best Place To Buy Pearl Necklaces in the UK

Buy Pearl Necklaces in the UK

Pearls are the very symbol of purity and class worn by everyone from the royal family to the everyday woman. Whether it’s a 1920’s themed party or a day at the office, there’s a pearl to suit every occasion! If you’re on the hunt for genuine, quality pearl necklaces, then it’s not easy to find a reliable pearl jewellery supplier (especially in the UK). To make things a little easier for you, we have created a list of the best places to buy pearl necklaces in the UK. You can save even more money by using our exclusive Amazon Fashion voucher codes at checkout!

Our list of pearl necklaces covers everything from pink pearls to pearl necklace sets for any occasion. For those interested in buying pearl necklaces, we recommend Amazon as the most convenient and reliable place to buy your pearl jewellery. Not only can you view customer reviews, but the delivery of jewellery is pretty fast too. You can also read our necklace size guide to help you find the right length necklace for yourself or partner.

However, you have to be careful of fake or imitation pearls on Amazon – For that very reason, we have created this list of best places to buy your pearl necklaces! So if you have a last-minute party or event to attend make sure you arrive in style with an authentic pearl necklace decorating your neck. You might also want to view our page on the best pearl drop earrings to buy. 

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Gold Pearl

When you think of pearls, you normally think of something that is white and pure. But in reality, pearls can come in a range of colours, including gold. Gold pearls are considered the most valuable pearls that you can find today. When shopping for gold pearl necklaces, remember that the deeper the natural gold colour is, the more value that pearl is worth. That means don’t expect a real gold pearl necklace to come cheap. You could be spending over £100,000 pounds on a single strand, gold pearl necklace!

JYX Gold Pearl Pendant Necklace – £1,185

Gold Pearl & Diamond Pendant Necklace

4k Yellow Gold Akoya Pearl AA+ Necklace – £ 1,093

Champagne Pearl

Champagne pearls are a very pale gold colour. Just like gold pearls they are rare and very expensive. While gold pearls might be too sophisticated for daily wear, champagne pearls can be worn for any occasion. For a smart office look pair a single champagne pearl pendant with your office wear. While for a party, you can buy a multi-strand, champagne pearl necklace and pair it with a gorgeous black lace dress

14K Gold Champagne Pearl Necklace – £5,519

Majorica Champagne Pearl Pendant Necklace – £137

Champagne Pearl Pendant AA+ Quality – £113

Pink Pearl

Pink pearls are associated with good health, success and of course romance. They are one of the rarest pearl colours to find on the market. And make great valentine’s day gifts for a loved one. Being really feminine, a pink pearl necklace is perfect for any girly-girl out there. They look absolutely gorgeous with a soft coloured dress on a summer’s day, or with a white evening gown.

Luxelu Pink Freshwater Pearl Necklace set – £38

Freshwater Cultured Pink Pearl Infinity Pendant – £90

Pink Freshwater Cultured Pearl Stud Earrings – £185

Single Pearl

Pearls, in general, are expensive pieces of jewellery. And not everyone can afford to buy full strands of real pearl necklaces. For those on a tight budget, you can still feel like a royal with a single pearl necklace or pendant. Single pearl necklaces are very versatile in style, you can dress them up for a fancy dinner party, or dress it down for a day at the office. Here is a selection of our favourite single pearl necklaces to buy on a budget:

VONALA Single Pearl Silver Choker Necklace – £20

Immobird Freshwater Pearl Pendant Necklace – £20

CDE Single Gold Pearl Pendant Necklace – £36

Triple Strand

Get the party started, 1920s style with a triple strand pearl necklace! A triple strand pearl necklace is a brilliant accessory for a long black dress or an evening gown! And if you’re going to a 1920’s themed party, then a triple strand necklace is a must-have accessory! 

TreasureBay Triple-Strand Baroque Pearl Necklace – £39

TreasureBay Three Strand Freshwater Pearl Necklace – £76

Triple Strand Pearl Necklace on Knotted Silk – £80


Looking for a statement piece pearl necklace? One that gets everyone’s attention at a party? Then a multi-strand necklace with four or more strands of pearls is the go-to item of jewellery. Multi-strand pearl necklaces were the ultimate accessory in the 1920s worn famously by Aubury Hepburn. Today, they are popularly worn by brides on their wedding day! Especially brides with an off-shoulder wedding dress, where a chunky pearl necklace will provide enough dazzle on their big day.

ArtiDeco 1920s Multi-Strand Pearl Necklace – £20

Freshwater Cultured Multi-Strand Pearl Necklace – £310

La Regis Multi-Strand Freshwater Pearl Necklace – £210

Statement piece pearl necklaces are a huge autumn jewellery trend in 2020.

Mother Of Pearl

Mother of pearl is the coating that lines the inside of a shell or oyster, and not actually a pearl. Even though it is not a pearl, it’s still a very beautiful substance that can be used to make a range of items from tiles to plates and even cutlery. It’s unique multi-coloured shine and moon-like glow makes it also the perfect material for jewellery making. 

Tuscany Silver Mother of Pearl Chain Necklace – £27

Tree of Life Mother of Pearl Pendant Necklace – £31

Silver Mother of Pearl Heart Locket Necklace – £40

Pearl Drop

Pearl drops are pearls in an oval, raindrop shape. Similar to their circular counterparts, they can come in a range of colours from pink to champagne and even gold pearl drops. Pearl drops make beautiful pendant necklaces, which go great with high neck dresses and tops.

 Silver Butterfly Pearl Drop Necklace – £33

Miore Freshwater Pearl Drop Pendant Necklace – £115

Miore Yellow Gold Pearl Drop Necklace – £125

Chunky Pearls

Statement necklaces are all on-trend this spring. And a big chunky pearl necklace combines trend with sophistication. If you thought the average pearl necklace was beautiful, wait until you get your hands on a strand of chunky pearls. Just like normal pearls, chunky pearls have that unique moon-like shine and glowing texture to dazzle anyone. 

Jerollin Chunky Three-Strand Necklace – £25

JYX Classic White Pearl Chunky Necklace – £25

Jerollin Vintage Pearl Choker Necklace Set – £22

Freshwater Pearls

Freshwater pearls are the most common types of pearls you can find on the market. They come in all sorts of shapes, sizes and colours, making them a must-have for any jewellery designer. Unlike the traditional pearl, high-quality freshwater pearls do not come with a high gloss or metallic finish. Instead, they have a subtle lustre and a unique surface texture. Because of their range of colours and shapes, freshwater pearls are great for creating a variety of charming jewellery pieces for all occasions. 

Secret & You Freshwater Pearl Bracelet – £25

TreasureBay Multi-Colour Freshwater Pearl Necklace  – £18

Dew Freshwater Pearls & Swarovski Crystal Necklace – £34

Pearls are a must-have piece of jewellery for any women’s jewellery box. Whether you’re going to a wedding or just a day at the office, pearls add that touch of class and sophistication desired by all. When you are looking to buy pearl necklaces in the UK, it’s important to buy pearls from reputable pearl jewellery suppliers. The suppliers mentioned in this post, are all highly-rated pearl jewellery suppliers with a global reputation of selling real, high-quality pearl jewellery.

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