12 Butterfly Wing Earrings Under £50

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Butterfly wing earrings are a hot spring trend. Not only are they trendy to wear, but they also give your wardrobe a delicate, feminine look – perfect for date nights or even for a classy tea party. Pair your butterfly earrings with your favourite high neck dress for a statement catwalk look or with a black skater dress for a femme fatale look, ready to kill on any night out! 

Traditionally butterflies have always been a symbol of life and change. Born from a simple cocoon into a magnificent creature with spectacular wings. It’s no wonder butterflies are the ultimate symbol of endurance! Even though times might be hard now, one day you too will blossom like a butterfly! Butterfly jewellery, in general, is the perfect gift for first-time mothers and graduations, as new positive changes are about to happen.  (NOTE: This post has some affiliate links.)

12 Must-Buy Butterfly Wing Earrings:

Here are our top 12 butterfly wing earrings for under £50 you can buy in the UK. For more savings, check out our exclusive Amazon Discount codes:

1. Rose Gold & Red Cubic Zirconia Butterfly Wing Earrings: £30

Made from rose gold plated brass, these butterfly wing earrings from Bling Jewelry are sophisticated, classy and unique. And they actually look pretty good with a black lace dress:

2. White Fungus Line Butterfly Shell Bead Earrings: £20

These white fungus butterfly drop earrings are pretty and good for the environment. They come with a simulated pearl and are made with Fungus line material using 925 silver on the chain. You might also want to see our stunning pearl earrings collection for more cute earrings.

3. 925 Silver Butterfly Wings With Flower Long Earrings: £17

These 925 sterling silver butterfly winged earrings are perfect for a wedding or bridal party. They are absolutely stunning and beautiful in the light – Just like a real butterfly! They are also Hypoallergenic, meaning anyone can wear them no matter their allergy. We also think that these butterfly earrings would make a great mother’s day gift. 

4. 925 Silver and Yellow Stars Zircon Butterfly Wings Earrings: £13

Sophisticated and classy is the only way to describe these silver butterfly wing earrings, with yellow zircons to represent the stars. These earrings would look great with a ball gown or long dark formal dress. 

5. Real Monarch Butterfly Wing Earrings: £13

Make the ultimate fashion statement with these realistic-looking Monarch butterfly winged earrings. Perfect for daily wear or for lunch out with your girlfriends. 

6. Purple Dangle Butterfly Wings Earrings: £8

These purple and gold Butterfly wing earrings are another favourite of ours. Every girl would love a pair of these adorable earrings for their birthday. For a more grown-up, girly-girl look, pair their cuties with a pretty pastel coloured dress or top!

7. Handmade Femme Wing Drop Earrings: £13

Made from zinc alloy, these earrings are great for everyday wear or for a special event. With their transparent gradient effect, they are a perfect way to give any plain top or dress that extra much-needed pop of colour.

8. LittleB Long Butterfly Wing Earrings: £8

Now, these stunning, long white dangly butterfly wing earrings are perfect for a delicate, romantic look. Wear on a date out with your partner or on a special lunch with your girlfriends.

9. QYMX Forest Metal Acrylic Butterfly Wings: £22

These old-school, vintage butterfly earrings are great for that 60’s vintage look. Not only do these earrings look unique, but they can also be used to add a splash of colour to any boring old top or dress. 

10. Handmade Fairy Butterfly WIngs Simulation Earrings: £17

Are they fairy wings or butterfly wings? No one knows, but they look stunning! These handmade earrings are perfect for any little girl or even a grown woman looking to create a cute, flowery look! Pair with a plain white dress or pastel colours to get a beautiful, feminine look.

11. PHALIN Butterfly Wing Dangle Earrings – £88

These stunning green butterfly earrings are perfect for grand occasions, like weddings or lavish dinner parties. Made from metal alloy and embellished with gold-tone leaves – These earrings are not only light-weight but super cute!

  1. Lee Island 18K Gold Butterfly Wing Stud Earrings – £14

Golden butterfly winged stud earrings like these are rare to come by, but these earrings are an absolute bargain at just £14! Plated with 18k gold, along with crystal opal stones on each pair – These earrings are both delicate and sophisticated. And best of all they can be paired with almost any outfit in your wardrobe! 

Beautiful fluttering butterfly wings everywhere! Which butterfly wings earrings are your favourite from our list? Let us know in the comment below. And don’t forget to share and rate this post!

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