Brazillian Jewellery: 10 Styles Famous in Brazil

brazillian jewellery styles

When you think of Brazil you probably think of the hot weather, the Amazon rainforest and not to forget the very colourful and exuberant Carnival of Brazil! With such a vibrant and lively culture, inspiration really is everywhere! No wonder so many talented jewellery designers come from Brazil. From sensual style to ethnic pieces, every piece of Brazillian jewellery has its own story to tell. 

10 Brazillian Jewellery Styles:

Here are 10 Styles of Brazillian jewellery that perfectly sums up the culture of Brazil. 

  1. Bold is on trend

One of the most beautiful parts of Brazil is its diverse culture – From Portuguese settlers to Afro-Brazilians, each has their own bold style to offer the Brazillian jewellery scene. It is this rich culture that has inspired so many Brazillian jewellery designers to use bold colours and patterns in their designs. 

  1. Coloured Stones

Brazil’s unique climate has made them the biggest producers of coloured gemstones globally, making them a key supplier of minerals, such as topaz, aquamarine, tourmaline, emerald, garnet and beryl. Jewellers, such as H Sterns specialise in selling coloured stone jewellery with a wide-range to choose from. 

  1. Beachwear Jewelry Style

Everyone wants to look hot on the beach, but when it comes to Brazillian beachwear this is more than just a cute bikini – it’s about having a cute bikini with matching earrings or a bracelet. In fact, Jewellery is such a big thing in Brazillian beachwear that some Brazillian swimwear shops even sell jewellery to go with your beachwear!

  1. Gothic Jewellery

Contrary to the bright and bold Brazillian culture, the youth of Brazil are really into the whole goth scene. Even the yearly celebration of World Goth Day is very popular in Brazil, especially amongst the Amazon tribes. Which is quite surprising! This has brought upon a new trend in Brazil of gothic jewellery, where some shops exclusively sell just gothic jewellery and clothing to cater to this dark taste. Take a look at this post on Day of the Dead jewellery for more gothic inspiration!

  1. Bio Jewellery

Bio jewellery (or eco jewellery) is a huge thing in the Amazon Rainforest. Amazon Tribes have adopted their own style of jewellery making, by only using natural materials found in nature. The thing that captivated us about bio jewellery in Brazil was how the tribes have learnt to make jewellery exclusively from seeds. Yes, you heard it – Just seeds! 

In fact seeds like the Açaí seeds and Buriti seed are a natural food source and a great material for creating necklaces, bracelets and earrings. Some natural materials like the Golden Grass (grass that shines just like gold) have even been featured in fashion events and magazines such as Vogue and Vanity Fair!

  1. Art Jewellery

Brazilians are expressive, passionate and beautiful and so is their jewellery. Brazillian art jewellery is everything you expect from art jewellery – It is creative, outrageous and true to the culture of Brazil. It’s traditional, yet modern at the same time. It tells a different story to a different person each time. And it adds a splash of colour to your wardrobe. 

  1. Statement Pieces

It’s go big or go home time! The women of Brazil love to wear big statement pieces, especially statement earrings. Even if it’s just to go down to the shops! Brazilians tend to wear statement jewellery at almost any occasion you can think of, birthdays, casual wear, dinner parties and so on. 

  1. Escapulario (scapular) Necklaces

Brazil has the largest number of Catholic Christians in the world. With most of the population being Catholic Christians, they believe that one can escape the devil or their death by wearing an “Escapulario”. By wearing an Escapulario you are protecting yourself physically, mentally and spiritually. A typical Escapulario would have Jesus on one side and Our Lady of Mount Carmel (Virgin Mary) on the other side. 

  1. Brushed Gold

Brushed gold jewellery is jewellery that looks like it has been recently painted with gold paint. It has this kind of raw gold feel to it, which makes it more extravagant than the average gold piece you might have. Brazillian brushed gold jewellery, in particular, seems to have this natural tribal vibe, making floral or leaf drop earrings are a really popular choice.

  1. Culture Inspired

The final trend we noticed in Braziillian jewellery is love for their culture and surroundings. That’s everything from their vibrant carnivals to the natural beauty of Brazil, which is its lush rainforests, beaches and mountains. Brazillian Jewellery incorporates all elements of culture, nature and passion. Just think carnivals, animals and forests – Brazillian jewellery is a spectacular ode to their culture! 

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