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10 Autumn Jewellery Trends 2020

Autumn Jewellery Trends 2020

From punk-rock jewellery to fancy headbands, autumn jewellery trends in 2020 are all about bringing light and darkness together. As the bright summer days merge into cold winter nights, strike a balance between the two this Autumn with these on-point jewellery pieces.

  • Autumn Jewellery Trends - Statement Earrings
  • Autumn Jewellery Trends - Statement Pearl Earrings
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  • Autumn Jewellery Trends - Statement Pearl Choker Necklace
  • Autumn Jewellery Trends - Punk Rock Skull necklace
  1. Punk Rock Jewellery

The grudge look was all the rage on the recent catwalks and fashion shows earlier this year. Take inspiration from the 1970s punk rock look with spiked choker necklaces and stacks of ear piercings. For a more everyday look try some skull stud earrings or a diamond snake ring. You can take inspiration from our Day of the Dead themed jewellery collection.

  1. Rhinestone Statement Pieces

Bling up your wardrobe with some sparkling, silver rhinestone jewellery. The key trend this autumn is to wear rhinestone jewellery boldly. Be loud and proud with huge dangly rhinestone earrings. Wear thick, heavy rhinestone necklaces on a low-cut top or dress. Rhinestones are a must-wear at parties and night-outs this autumn!

  1. Chunky Chains

Chains were huge earlier this year in the spring and they continue to reign on top this autumn. Heading into the darker months chain jewellery has become more colourful and bold compared to earlier this year. Think of bright reds, oranges and blues. Brighten up a simple top or coat with a bright orange chunky chain necklace. You even wear some bright dangly chain earrings with a high-neck top or dress

  1. Star Shapes

Keeping up with the dark and light theme this Autumn, star jewellery has really begun to shine this season. We’ve seen models wearing pointed star choker necklaces and huge golden star-shaped hoops. Silver is also in this season, so why not add some silver star earrings or a pendant star necklace to your collection.

  1. Statement Pearl Earrings

Pearl jewellery is usually very subtle. But this season it’s time to go big with your pearls. Don’t just wear some plain ole’ pearl studs – Wear huge dangly pearl earrings that takeover your ears and face. The key to pulling off this statement earring look is to pull everything else back. This means wearing a simple top or dress and no other jewellery pieces. This gives your statement pearl earrings the attention they desire. 

  1. Charms and Symbols

With all the recent pandemics (i.e. corona-virus), charms and symbols in jewellery have become a huge thing. Since charm jewellery is very personal to the wearer, our tip is to choose charms or symbols that represent you. Whatever your passions and interests are, charm jewellery is the perfect way to show it. We’ve seen some beautiful charms on the environment, staying safe during corona-virus and even on anti-bullying and racism.

  1. Letter Jewellery

Make sure everyone knows your name or at least your first name’s initial with letter jewellery. Huge letter-shaped earrings are going to be a big hit this Autumn. And to double-down on trends, you could even get letter-jewellery in rhinestones or as part of a chunky chain necklace. 

  1. Heavy Choker Necklaces

Inspired by the punk-rock jewellery trend this autumn, choker necklaces of all kinds are a must-have. Even if you’re the romantic girly-girl type- rhinestone chokers and even pearl choker necklaces are a great buy this season.

  1. Fancy Headbands

Winter’s not here yet, but it’s certainly getting cold outside. Style up your boring old-autumn look with a fancy headband, preferably with some sparkles or pearls on it. You know that feeling when you want to stay warm with a big coat, but still want to look fashionable? Well… wearing a stylish headband is a great way to keep warm and look good when outdoors. 

  1. Big Bangles

2020 was the year of bigger and better. And that whole “go big or go home” attitude doesn’t just stop at the neckline, it continues the whole way through to your wrists with huge, chunky bangles. This season the bangles are bigger, bolder and sparklier. 

autumn jewellery trends 2020

Don’t be afraid to go bold this Autumn with your jewellery choices. If in doubt, we always follow the keep it simple rule – Wear one statement piece jewellery at a time and you’ll be okay!

Which autumn jewellery trends are your favourite in 2020? Let us know in the comments.

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